Converting an off-lease problem into an opportunity


Faced with a dramatic increase and sustained volume of off-lease vehicles, this SUV importer turned to Pro-Active to help them develop an integrated "suite" of activities and tools including a Communications Plan, Dealer and Consumer Incentives, Analytical Tools, Planning Tools, Training, and ongoing Sustainment Activities.

Well ahead of the initial "wave" of off-lease maturities, regional meetings with dealership GMs and Pre-Owned Managers presented the opportunity and the mechanisms in place to address it—along with a call to action for dealerships to develop their own plans and approaches to the opportunity. A website was created to help dealers and field personnel evaluate their pre-owned operations/practices and create improvement plans in key areas. Finally, ongoing communication and training were provided to sustain the effort long after the first wave of maturities hit and these higher levels became the norm.

Communications Plan Recruitment Training